BoATing Safety & Tips

Confidence on the Water

Experience comes from making lots of mistakes, wrong turns, and bad decisions.At Melbourne Whittley Cruiser Club some members have ship loads of experience.Other members are happy to pick up valuable boating tips which are willingly shared.


Minimum Trip Safety Equipment

Check your saftey gear before every cruise. Always! 

  • PFD Type 1 for each person on board or being towed.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Torch, waterproof and bouyant.
  • Anchor and chain. 
  • Bailer (if no bilge pumping system).
  • Bucket with lanyard.
  • Orange smoke signals x 2 (hand held).
  • Red distress flares x 2 (hand held). 
  • Compass.
  • Marine Radio.
  • Red star parachute distress rocket (>2nm offshore) 
  • Approved EPIRB (>2nm offshore)

Recommended Equipment

Having the right equipment on board makes your boating experience far more enjoyable and relaxing. As a member of the Melbourne Whittley Cruiser Club the following equipment should be carried on board at all times.  

  • Bow Mooring Line (x 1) - 13m of 10mm rope with eye spliced in one end.  
  • Stern lines (x 2) - 18m of 10mm rope with eye spliced in one end.  
  • Emergency Tow Rope (x 1) - 15m of 12mm rope with eye spliced one end.  
  • Mooring lines (x 2) - 6m of 10mm rope with eye spliced one end.  
  • Springer lines (x 2) - 8m of 10mm rope with eye spliced one end.  
  • Short lines (x 3) - 1.5m of 10mm rope to tie up against other vessels.  
  • Metal Stakes (x 2) - 600mm and hammer to secure stern lines on shore.  
  • Fenders (x 4) - suitably sized for mooring to piers or against other vessels.   

Note to remember : If your boat is equipped with a pump out toilet you may require up to 3 different pump out coupling connections on board as there may be different connections at different pump out stations around the state. Other members can lend you a connection if you do not have the right one on board.

Optional Equipment

Having successfully fitted out your Whittley cruiser with the recommended equipment, the following optional equipment will further enhance your boating enjoyment.  

Better to be safe than sorry. Even if you're not mechanically minded another member will help with repairs if needed. 

  • Spare propeller, nut, and locking ring.
  • Spare set of engine belts and hoses.
  • Water pump impeller. 
  • Fuel filter. 
  • Set of electrical fuses. 
  • Spare stainless steel hose clamps. 
  • Spare set of spark plugs. 
  • Spare set of wheel bearings and seals.
  • Marine grease and grease gun. 
  • Wheel brace that fits the wheel nuts. 
  • 10 inch shifting spanner.
  • 1 set of multi grips. 
  • 1 pair of square nose pliers. 
  • Assorted screw drivers.  
  • Medium ball hammer.  
  • Stanley knife. 
  • Set of SAE ring and open ended spanners.  
  • Set of allen keys.  
  • Socket and bar for changing propeller.  
  • Filter wrench. 
  • Spare trailer winch spanner.  
  • Spare petrol / diesel cap spanner.  
  • Spare toilet chemicals. 
  • Spare trailer light globes or LED unit.

And of course for happy hour, 5:00pm to late pm, you may want to carry a spare pack of pringles, or beverage to enjoy in the company of other club members.